Interior design

Concept store & Live Venue

Concept store & Live Venue

Our latest commercial project brings the very soul of California to the hearth of Belgrade.

Multi functional spaces have been around for a while, but ones combining a concept store, a cafeteria and a live venue are not something you come by every day.

The very essence of the brand aims to inspire you to be the absolute best version of yourself possible, and the design needed to mirror that core value into a warm and welcoming space that would feed both your body and your soul. Every corner of this formerly industrial space was designed to inspire its occupants with its lively colors, natural textures and a plethora of suspended plants.

The different seating arrangements offer a nook to fit every taste and occasion, be it a celebration with your friends or a casual spontaneous cup of coffee between daily chores.

Project Details
Size 108 sq m
Location Belgrade Serbia
Project year 2020